Cakır Biskuvi ve Gıda San. Tic A.S. continues its production w ith 25 year experience on the new 50.000m2 facility in Organized Industry Zone in Aksehir the middle of the world in 2013. Varying its product range of biscuit, wafer, cracker, cake and marshmellow day by day continues its activities without comprimising its perfectionism principle by complying with variable economical situations. With 150 ton production capacity the company increases local and foreign markets' share by following the latest technology and customer satisfaction oriented approach. The company by making no concessions to quality and palatal delight, complying with Turkish Food Codex standards and combining hygien and advanced technology sees on-time service and taste as its principle. MISSION and VISION Our company caring for human health, hygien and environment pollution, making no concessions to quality with its experienced and know-how and also ISO 9001:2008, ISO 2005, TSE certificates contributes economically. The company continues developing the brand UFKUN in local and foreign markets with its customer oriented policy. With the trust and importance given to our company; "Open package, taste be sprinkled Open Package, UFKUN widen" we will never abandon carrying the brand UFKUN accross the world.

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